Monday, January 3, 2011

Over and Out

To all 4 of my followers, can I call you fans?

I want to say thank you for following my blog over the past two years! A lot of the time, your encouragement and support has kept me writing. As some new changes are coming in 2011, I am planning ahead for the need to be balanced and realistic about what I'll be able to accomplish with my "free time". In an effort to continue to write, I am currently recording moments on my Facebook page under "Cozi Family Journal". The box is smaller and isn't decorated as prettily as the blog page, but it takes me all of 1 minute to update and share about how our family is faring. I don't know if/when I'll return to this blog page - I spent 30 minutes trying to give it a face avail, I don't really like it.

So, I'm going to trade up (in my opinion) to something that will fit my life so that I can spend more time LIVING my life. I still plan to write, in fact stay tuned - a book may be on the horizon; I know!!!

As folks pick up on the journal and how it is embedded within my FB page, I'm sure that my topics will grow broader and return me back to entries that are similar to this page and sort of back to serving the same purpose. Honestly, I think I was hiding out here a bit; other than you all, I'd been sharing what I would tell each of you anyway. It's now time to put it out there for a wider audience and really become a bit more vulnerable (yikes!).

While I don't like moving to a blander page, I am certain that this is the segue for me at this time. As the year progresses, we'll see how things evolve, but as I'm learning to love myself as God intends, I'm learning to simplify and let go. I'm still here, eager to hear from you and excited to write. Who knows what will happen, but I'm preparing my nets for something exciting!!!

Thank you sincerely!

Happy 2011.

Over and out.